Come and Rock The Jungle
with Davin James

Davin is a Texas singer/songwriter who, like many in our state, "got here as quick as he could!". Originally from Jackson Mississippi, Davin attended grade school in Louisiana and Arkansas before moving to Texas at the age of 12. This is where he learned to play the guitar. His dad, Mike James, bribed Davin to learn Merle’s, Ramblin’ Fever, for $100. "Keep your money, Dad, and put it towards an electric guitar", Davin tells. The rest is history.

Davin JamesDavin's style ranges from traditional country, through rock and jazz to southern blues. He is a virtuoso guitar player - a fact not lost on us when we first saw him at an LJT festival nearly 20 years ago!

After being handed a cassette tape, Gary P Nunn recorded four of Davin’s songs; "Guadalupe Days", "Back In the Swing", "If You Had A Mind Too", and "Siesta Sunday" for his "Roadtrip" album. "That really started my professional musical career", says Davin.

Davin landed another song on Gary P. Nunn’s 1996 release, "Under My Hat". The song was the auto biographical, "I’ve Come A Long Long Way". Davin was also invited to play guitar on those sessions which were recorded at Willie Nelson’s Perdenales studio.

Davin’s 1998 was up and down. He lost his father in February of that year to a heart attack. He married in December to Tammy Sue. Along with Tammy came Dylan and Jesse. Then Garrett James joined them in May of ’99.

In 2000, Larry Joe Taylor’s "Heart of the Matter" album included four Davin co-writes; "Let’s Pretend", "Robbin’ Peter", "Two Steppin’ On The Beach", and "Coconuts". Davin also played and sang on this recording. Some live shows were recorded around this time and Davin got included on Larry Joe’s "Port A to Port B" album. Another co-write with LJT; "Take It Breezy" was recorded for LJT’s "Summer Days" album in ’03.

Davin found commercial success in 2001 with his third album, “Magnolia”. The title cut and another song, “Rolling Dice”, charted on the newly formed Texas Music Chart. “Those two songs remain my most requested. I usually have to do ‘Magnolia’, a couple times per night.” “Rolling Dice” enjoyed a radio and TV advertising campaign for Dodge.

Road life caught up with Davin in 2004. He underwent angioplasty surgery and received three stents. He took this as a sign to do things his own way and started buying studio gear. He recorded the albums “Palmer Lake” at home in his new studio, along with “Old Soul” and “Buck Owens Freeway”.

Davin has released two singles in 2023; "Pong", devoted to his hunting dog, and "Red, White and Blue" re-released from his 2005 "Live" album.

For more on Davin, see and his YouTube channel

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