Come and Rock The Jungle
with Thomas Michael Riley

Thomas Michael Riley At six foot six, Thomas, or TMR as he is generally referred to, is hard to miss. He began his career playing weekends for 14 years before taking up music full time in 2002. Honored as the Hill Country Entertainer of the Year in 2002 and 2004, Thomas Michael Riley has earned the status of a legend as he writes and sings his own brand of colorful and thoughtful Texas Americana Music. Each performance, Thomas delights fans of country music with his songwriting skills, spirited music and wonderful sense of humor. His ability to capture his audience is pure magic!

Thomas grew up in Buckingham, Texas, tending stock and learning cowboy ways. It's hard to imagine now, but back then Buckingham was a town in its own right with pasture and a polo club. Since then Buckingham and its former population of 102 has been absorbed by the DFW metroplex and is now a part of Richardson, Texas.

Thomas has written the words and music of more than 500 songs, many of which have been recorded and released by Gary P Nunn. He has recorded twelve albums, the latest of which is "Texas Six Pack" (2021). Nowhere is TMR's popularity more evident that at the Thomas Michael Riley Music Festival. It is held every year in June in Luckenbach and 2024 is its 17th year! There are dozens of artists who turn out to perform and just to hang out with TMR and his famed sense of humor.

TMR can be summed up in two words: "Human Sunshine". His positivity is utterly infectious, and a great life lesson! What better way is there to experience and get to know Thomas than to come and Rock The Jungle with him and just a few like-minded people?

For more on TMR, see and his YouTube channel

This isn’t a destination event with multiple artists and thousands of attendees.
There are only 15 places, so book now for an experience you will treasure for a lifetime.