Come and Rock The Boat
January 26th - 31st, 2020

Who says three's a crowd? Come and join Jamie and Tommy AND TMR as we cruise the Bay of Banderas in a luxury yacht. There will be live performances every day plus great food and open bar throughout.

Jamie Richards Starting on Sunday evening, right through to Friday, you’ll be wined and dined, rocked and serenaded as we sail off the beaten track to remote villages and beaches accessible only from the ocean.

Thomas Michael Riley We will start in Puerto Vallarta, where you will be met at the airport and taken to our first night hotel close to the marina.

From there we embark upon a chartered 75’ luxury yacht for three days and nights in Yelapa and surroundings. Yelapa is a remote village dating back to the 1500s on an unspoiled and undeveloped Native-Indian reservation. It was designated by King Philip of Spain in 1581 as a communidad indigena, where the original people control their own lands.

Tommy Alverson There are no cars, no high-rise, no roads and the original 5 families who founded Yelapa over 500 years ago are still there. Residents live much as they have for centuries on lands they hold in common. The arrival of electricity about ten years ago brought with it the internet, ice makers and ceiling fans, but not air conditioning since the fresh sea breezes make it unnecessary.

During the time we’re based in Yelapa, we’ll cruise the bay, visit some even more remote villages, watch the sun set on the ocean, and (probably, but obviously not guaranteed) be joined by dolphins and humpback whales as we sail. There’s also plenty to do and see in Yelapa itself.

On the final day, it’s back on the yacht for the return trip to Puerto Vallarta and the marina hotel. Naturally, we’ll take the slow route.

This isn’t a music cruise with multiple artists and thousands of passengers. There are only 14 places, so book now for a vacation you will remember for years.

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