Everything You Need to Know


Some more information about what we’re doing and where we’re going.


  • We will be at the airport from 11am until 7pm to greet you as you arrive.
  • 8pm Meet and Greet Cocktail Reception.


  • After breakfast we’ll head over to the boat dock at about 10am. It’s about a 300 yard walk.
  • Spend the day cruising the Bay of Banderas with food and open bar, snorkels, swimming, dolphins, music... There are some fantastic snorkeling spots in the bay and the fish are every bit as tropical as you’d expect.
  • Dinner at the Hotel Lagunita in Yelapa, followed by a concert, open bar and snacks.


  • After a relaxed breakfast we’ll board the yacht for the day, including a gourmet mid-afternoon meal and the first concert of the day at a truly remote location serving fresh fish barely out of the water. We might stop off at a beach or two, take in the coastal scenery and return after dark to Yelapa. If it’s a clear night, the stars are awesome when you’re out in the middle of the ocean.
  • Concert in the evening with open bar and snacks.


  • We’ll board a boat across the bay into the village of Yelapa for lunch. Then it’s an afternoon to explore with lots to do and see in Yelapa. You could go parasailing, or take a horseback ride into the jungle, take in a tequila tasting or just enjoy the picturesque village.
  • Board the boat back to the hotel for an evening concert and dinner to remember on the beach.
  • Open bar and snacks


  • It’s back on the yacht for the day as we cruise back to Puerto Vallarta and our marina hotel.
    We’ll finish the trip with a sit-down dinner and short concert.


  • Breakfast at the hotel and then taxis back to the airport.


Sunday and Thursday night we will be staying at a luxury resort hotel within easy distance of the marina. It has a pool and full dining facilities.

Hotel Lagunita
See photos

  • Directly on the beach this will be our base in Yelapa. The accommodations are rustic and idyllic. The ocean is a constant backdrop especially at night as you’re only a few feet from it. There is no air conditioning - you don't need it since the nights are generally cool. The jungle is directly on the other side of the hotel and you might meet a friendly iguana or woodpecker or two.

Packing Tips

Packing Tips for the Girls from Jima (and some for the guys too!)

  • Less is better- I know that’s hard for us girls! My suggestion is to pack carry-on luggage only. The luggage has to be moved on and off boats, so it’s easier to not have too much stuff!
  • Essentials:
    • Swim suit (s)/ cover up – We are on the boat three days.
    • CASUAL!!
    • Resort – It’s a regular resort hotel - sundress will work (if you are into those) or a little nicer shorts/shirt outfit. We are here two nights. The first night is the meet and greet and the last night we dine at the hotel.
    • Yelapa- shorts, tops, t-shirts comfortable wear, light sweater (can be in the low 60’s on the beach at night)
    • Water or closed toed shoes – the sand is grainy and hard to walk on in flip flops – (this was a must for me!). There is also a river to cross if you decide to walk to/from town, which is about 1/2 mile across coarse sand.
    • Hair Dryer – not necessary if you air dry your hair but there are no dryers in some of the rooms in Yelapa.
    • Flashlight – if you don’t use your phone at night for one, it will come in handy when finding your way back to the room.
    • Hat – ball cap, sun hat, etc.
    • Shampoo/conditioner – none provided in Yelapa (showers are fine though)
  • Make up is not essential. Yelapa is not a place which bothers much about this sort of thing. I will pack lighter on this next time.
  • Last but not least, don't forget your passports! If you need a passport, you can get them here. Standard service is 4-6 weeks but you can expedite it and get your passport in as little as 2 weeks.


Please wait until 3 months before departure to book your flight. While the cost does not include flights, we will try to negotiate a group rate if we have sufficient numbers coming in from the same place (e.g. Houston, DFW). Also, in the unlikely event that we have to cancel, some flight bookings may be non refundable.

If you are booking your flight independently, please try to get to PVR before 7pm on the Sunday so that we can pick you up in time for the meet and greet. We recommend avoiding the last flights of the day.

Dallas/Fort Worth

American fly direct from DFW to PVR four times a day. Those are the only direct flights. However, there are numerous other options which involve relatively easy plane changes, especially if you have only hand luggage. You might also look at flying out of Tyler on American and changing planes at DFW, which is significantly cheaper than just getting on the flight at DFW.

Southwest go out of Love Field, while Interjet and United go out of DFW. Most Southwest and United flights change at Houston, while Interjet changes at Mexico City (MEX), Terminal 1.

Aeromexico are also an option but they go to Terminal 2 at Mexico City. We have flown both routes and can tell you that we will not fly Aeromexico on this route again. On reading the reviews online, we found out that our experience was typical. You run a significant risk of missing the connection if you allow anything less than three hours as the terminal is woefully understaffed. And who wants to spend two to three hours getting through immigration and customs?

Interjet on the other hand was absolutely fine and we were through Terminal 1 in a matter of minutes.


United and Southwest fly direct from HOU to PVR.

Anywhere else

In Texas, change at HOU or DFW. There are also direct flights from other airports in the US.

We find Skyscanner useful when planning flights from anywhere.

When you arrive at PVR and come out into the main terminal look for the TexasMusic.Live greeter (until 7pm).
If you arrive after 7pm, the taxi fare to the hotel is about $20. The Mexican government tightly regulates which taxis are allowed to pick up at Mexican airports. They are white and you pre-pay based on zone at a booth in the terminal.

What does it cost?

What does it cost for five days close up with artists of this calibre, all inclusive top shelf liquors and gourmet food aboard a multi-million-dollar luxury yacht in a hidden tropical paradise?

The answer is up to $2000 per person for double occupancy depending on which trip you are on. The price is shown when you navigate to the book now page. It's a small group, by design and of necessity - this isn't a 15 story cruise ship nor is it the Riviera Maya with 1000+ room hotels. For that reason, we can't do singles discounts (but we'll try and match same gender singles if you'd like - email us).

Cancellation and Refund Policy: Full refund including deposit (apart from paypal transaction fees) until 4 months before departure; 50% refund, excluding deposit until 1 month before with a further 40% (total 90%) if we resell your spot. Less than one month before: no refund unless we manage to resell your spot in which case you will get a 90% refund excluding deposit. Places are fully transferable right up to departure.

What's included?

All food, drink, hotels, concerts, tips and local transportation is included from Sunday evening to Friday morning. Well, that's almost all. The exceptions are a) food and drink outside of what we provide (we provide a lot!), b) souvenir/personal shopping or c) activities outside of the group (e.g. on Wednesday). Rock The Yacht starts with the meet and greet on the Sunday evening, and ends with breakfast on Friday.

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There is space for only 14 couples on this trip. If you like the sound of it, do not delay. Book Now.

Other Stuff

This trip is not suitable for anyone who has mobility issues. It is not an "active vacation", so you don't need to be particularly fit, but if you have hip or knee or other issues which prevent you from climbing 20 stairs or 10 rungs up and down a ladder, you're not going to be able to get on and off the boat in Yelapa. Minimum age 21.

We will be in touch regarding any food allergies. Some severe food allergies may be impossible to cater for (Nuts, Shellfish). Gluten free isn't a problem.

If in doubt, please ask before booking.

About Puerto Vallarta

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